Sail repairs you can make at home

Sail Care and Repairs

As we  all enter another three weeks of lock-down we thought that we would share some of our experience so that you can use some of your time to making sure you are prepared for a return to the water.

Today our focus is on making sure your sails are in perfect racing condition, in this mailer we will show and advise how to look after and repair your sails whilst you are unable to travel to a professional sailmaker.

Sails are the engine of your boat, so it is important that you look after them (which will avoid premature damage) and know how to repair when necessary.
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  • Cleaning: DO NOT USE hot water to wash the sails, just warm. Never use strong detergents, just household soap to sponge away the marks. The best way to remove oil is to use triclothylene or Swarfega. Sails can be kept in tip-top condition by removing stains and dirt as they collect.
  • Repairs: For any sizeable sail repair you are always going to be best going back to your sailmaker, but like the situation we find ourselves in sometimes there is not the time, opportunity or money available.

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Repairing A Hole In A Spinnaker
  • Lay out the clean, dry spinnaker so it is flat.
  • Cut a spare bit of material into a patch, with rounded corners
  • Spread silicone rubber onto the patch and stick it onto the spinnaker. (A patch on one side is enough.)
  • Let it dry.
Repairing A Hole In The Mainsail Or Jib
  • If the area is non-stressed use a Dacron adhesive strip or if you have on a spare sail number. Simply peel off the back and stick it on.
When Repairing A Hole Caused By The Spreader:
  • Cut out a circle to cover the hole
  • Stick the patch over the hole.
For a rip caused by stress, e.g. Where the Cunningham has been pulled too hard, use Mylar repair tape:
  • Cut out the appropriate length of Mylar repair tape
  • Apply the tape, where possible lining up the warp lines to give more strength.

The above is a snippet of Ian Pinnells Tuning to Win, with more time on our hands isn’t it time to start reading again. 
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