CanAm 2018 Regatta #1 Report

2.4mR Sailboats tied to the dock

December 7th, 2017
Dee Smith

The first regatta of the second annual CanAm Regatta Series finished yesterday with all six races complete in beautiful, warm Charlotte Harbor, Florida. First day was pretty light 3-6 knots of wind that shifted quite a bit. The current running out of the harbor kept everyone on their toes making lay lines hard to master and leaving passing spots for some.

It was quite a close first beat to the first race as 3 boats rounded overlapped. Bruce Millar made the most of the run on the right side and was able to get a small edge at the leeward mark and carry it to the finish. I had to hold off Peter Eagar at the finish for second. Bruce set the pace by sailing a very nice race all around. Continue reading “CanAm 2018 Regatta #1 Report”

2.4mR Racing in Sunny Florida USA

For the second year in a row the waters of Charlotte Bay FL USA are alive with 2.4mR sailboats. The CanAm (Canada/America) series is the brainchild of a number of North American 2.4mr sailors.

It all started a few years ago with talk around the boat park. Many of the sailors from both Canada and the USA were traveling to Florida to do some winter sailing. Unfortunately transiting to different locations often meant sailors would not participate as they had to rig and derig their boats multiple times. Boat storage between regattas was also an issue.

After some brainstorming and a lot help from Tony Pocklington (Edge Sailing) and Martin Holland of Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club (CHYC) the plan was put into action and in the winter of 2016/2017 the first of the CanAm Series took place. Immediately it was a hit. Continue reading “2.4mR Racing in Sunny Florida USA”

Report from the President January 2018

2017 was a great year for the Canadian 2.4mR class. In Eastern Canada the class saw new boat owners join from other classes and great support for the 2017 Canadian Championships at Pointe Claire QC while Meterfest in Newport RI, USA was well supported by Canadian members. In Victoria BC the class is continuing to attract new boat owners and current boat owners are purchasing new boats. Canada Games sailing events held in Gimli MB had young sailors from seven of Canada’s ten provinces with the lack of a sailor from Quebec being the only disappointment.

CAN AM Winter Series: The second year of the 2.4mR CAN-AM winter series is currently underway with the first two regattas held at Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club in Florida, December 5 – 10, 2017. The next regatta is January 27 & 28, followed by the 2.4mR Western Hemisphere Regatta February 20-23 and the 4th regatta in the CAN AM Series February 24 & 25. The final 2017-2018 CAN AM series regatta takes place March 29 – 31. These are great regattas run by hospitable folks at the Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club.

2018 Regatta Schedule:  As regatta dates, host clubs, and venues are known they will be posted on the class website. We are working to confirm the Toronto area regattas and the 2018 Canadian Championships as well as events in the United States which may be of interest to our members. Please check the website regularly for all the latest news.

2018 Class Membership and Dues:  Our class membership year runs April 1 to March 31. The webmaster will be resetting the procedures to join the class on line through the website. This requires both renewing and new members to complete the jotform and pay the membership dues through paypal. Although we do take payment by cheque as well our preferred payment option is paypal. Please don’t hand either the class secretary or myself cash at a regatta to pay your membership dues. Although we are honest, we are also forgetful so you dues may not be credited to you.

2018 dues will be $ 50.00 (same as 2017).

Class Website:  We had problems in September 2017 with the host of our class website.  As I saw it the host basically shut down the site and then asked us for a ransom to unlock the contents. A decision was made to move to another host and redesign the website. Aaron Wong-Sing did a lot of work in moving the site to another host, reformatting the website and adding the great pictures that jump out every time we open up the website. Please send Aaron both content and photos of you sailing these wonderful boats.

Buoyancy Tests and Certificates: Regular buoyancy tests are a safety issue. At the 2017 Canada Games two boats failed their initial buoyancy tests and required addition floatation materials before they were permitted to race. It was a good thing because two boats did swamp in the one heavy air race and required assistance in being pumped out. If you do not have a buoyancy certificate for your boat or if your certificate was issued in 2013 or earlier you must be tested before you will be permitted to race in class events in 2018. Contact the class measurer (Bruce Millar) to arrange for a buoyancy test.

Clagett Regatta Foundation: The Clagett Regatta Foundation which organizes the Annual C. Thomas Clagett Jr Memorial Regatta in Newport RI issued a call in November 2017 for requests to use one or two new 2.4mR sailboats for a one- to four-year duration. Although it has not been officially announced, it is my understanding that one boat will be going to Victoria BC while the second boat will be going to a sailor in Ottawa.

Please remember to send your questions, reports, pictures and gripes to the class e-mail address [at][dot] .

2018 Charlotte Harbor Regatta

The 9th annual Charlotte Harbor Regatta has been set for Feb. 2-4, 2017. Classes will include the 2.4mR, Harbor 20, F18, F16, A-Class Cat and Hobie 16.

The regatta will feature three racing days on Feb. 2-4. Click here to register.

Featuring the famous Pusser’s Rum Beach Party, six one-design classes and competitors from around the country racing on two race circles, the Charlotte Harbor Regatta is one of the most talked-about regattas in the nation. Free beach, ramp and lift launching facilities, free or low-cost storage, affordable hotels and low registration fees make the Charlotte Harbor Regatta, “the fun, affordable regatta.” Find out why SAIL magazine designated Charlotte Harbor as “one of the top 10 greatest places to sail in the United States.”

2.4mR Western Hemisphere Championship

(in conjunction with the CAN-AM 2.4mR Series)

Dates: February 20-23.
Training/clinic Feb 20; Racing Feb 21-23.

Where: Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club, Port Charlotte, FL USA

Notice of Race can be found here.

Up to 8 Charter Boats available – first come, first served.
Contact: Tony Pocklington: [at][dot]

Event Contact:  Martin Holland [at][dot]

Some travel funding may be available to sailors from Emerging Nations
Contact Massimo Dighe:  [dot][at][dot]

All sailors are welcome to participate in all the CAN-AM Series during the month of February.

Also in February is the Charlotte Harbor Regatta:

America’s Disabled/Open Regatta 2017 Results

St. Petersburg Yacht Club - America's Disabled / Open Regatta

Sail Number Yacht Name Yacht Design Owner/Skipper Race
1.   CAN 39 Life of Brian 2.4mR Bruce Millar 2 1 1 4.0
2.   CAN 22 CAN 22 2.4mR Peter Eagar 1 4 2 7.0
3.   CAN 14 Small Expectations 2.4mR Peter Wood 3 2 5 10.0
4.   CAN 2 Lisa 2.4mR Louise Anstey 5 5 4 14.0
5.   USA 145 Magic Bus 2.4mR Theodore Green 6 7 3 16.0
6.   CAN 68 Dugout 2.4mR Doug Bell 8 3 6 17.0
7.   USA 165 2.4mR 2.4mR daniel evans 4 10 7 21.0
8.   CAN 1 CAN 1 2.4mR Alain Dubuc 10 6 9 25.0
9.   CAN 23 TP 2.4mR Jackie Gay 7 8 10 25.0
10.   CAN 18 Hiroshi Maru 2.4mR Audrey Kobayashi 9 9 8 26.0
11.   usa 8 Georgana 2.4mR Rachelle Pontes 11 11 11 33.0
12.   USA 3 Edge 2.4mR Tony Pocklington 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.0
13.   USA 5 Tba 2.4mR James Altizer 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.0
14.   USA 7 2.for 1 2.4mR Dee Smith 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.0
15.   USA 11 Slackometer 2.4mR Tim Ripley 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 48.0

Disabled World Championship 2018 – Sheboygan Wisconsin – Sept 16 – 22, 2018

As you may or may not know the 2018 Disabled World Championships are coming to the USA.

This regatta will be one of the last chances for World Sailing (WS) to showcase sailing to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) before it is decided on re-instatement to the Paralympic Games in 2024. The regatta is going to be held on the waters of Lake Michigan in the city of Sheboygan WI. This would be a great opportunity for disabled sailors in Canada to come together and present a strong showing for team Canada and will also provide an opportunity for all abilities to get some valuable experience.

This announcement by WS is a little late but now that we have it we should work together to make plans for all of us to attend and we need to gather support from Sail Canada, Provincial Sailing Associations, Yacht Clubs, Coaches, Support personal and other supporters. I have now put this event on my calendar and hope you will as well. Lets band together and show how Canada has a strong and skilled disabled sailing community. This is also one of the few times when everyone can drive to the event location in a reasonable time.

The decision from IPC about re-instatement for the games in 2024 s supposed to take place in January 2019.

Go Canada!

Bruce Millar
CAN 39