Victoria Fleet Conducts Flotation Testing

Louise Anstey

Thankfully, it was a sunny May afternoon when our scheduled day for the floatation test arrived. With the three Ps (planning, people and persistence) we managed to test most of the boats in our fleet. We used the method required by the Class Rules: 35 kg of lead placed in the boat (simulating the sailor’s weight), flood it with water, then rock the boat to remove any trapped air. At this stage, Doug Bell (CAN 68) recorded each partially submerged boat with its proud owner looking on.  Doug gave the photo evidence to our Class Measurer, Bruce Millar (CAN 39), for a permanent record of each test.

All eight boats tested that day passed with flying colours.

Being new to the 2.4mR class, I was a bit skeptical of the adequacy of this test. I know it is possible (although not advisable) to submarine a boat in 25 or 30 kts of wind and also that boats can fill up quickly especially when it is wavy, or on a busy start line, or when pumps fail, which they inevitably do. Having flipped and turtled dinghies in Caddy Bay in years past I know how cold that water is!  Staying with your boat or, better yet, on top of your boat is very important. So I needed to be sure my 2.4 had plenty of reserve buoyancy.  To satisfy myself, my solution was to climb aboard my boat full of water and the 35 kg of lead.

Yes!  It remained afloat…..well, awash…..but it did not sink.  Just to be sure this was not an anomaly, I performed this same test on three additional boats.

I’m happy.  Let’s go sailing.

2.4mR Floatation Test
Louise Anstey (CAN 2) completes her own buoyancy testing. Photo by Doug Bell

Report from the President May 2018

CAN AM Winter Series: The second year of the 2.4mR CAN-AM winter series is in the books. The final regatta was picture perfect with winds 8 to 13 knots, air temperature 28 degrees Celsius and water temperature about 20 degrees Celsius. Racing was incredibly close throughout the fleet with first and last boats finishing 120 seconds apart.  Ironically, the days after the conclusion of the regatta were dead flat calm.  The schedule for the 2018 – 2019 CAN Am Winter Series should be available by late May.

2018 Regatta Schedule:  As regatta dates, host clubs, and venues are known they are being posted on the class website. The Toronto area regatta schedule is now posted. Royal Victoria Yacht Club is hosting the first Pacific Coast 2.4mR Championship June 16 & 17th.  Pointe Claire Yacht Club in Montreal will be hosting our 2018 Canadian Championship August 10, 11, & 12th.  Events in the United States which may be of interest to our members are being posted as we become aware of them. Please check the website regularly for all the latest news.

2018 Class Membership and DuesOur class membership year runs April 1 to March 31. The webmaster has edited the procedures to join the class on line through the website. This requires both renewing and new members to complete the jotform and pay the membership dues through Paypal. Although we do take payment by cheque as well, our preferred payment option is Paypal. Please don’t hand either the class secretary or myself cash at a regatta to pay your membership dues. Although we are honest we are also forgetful so your dues may not be credited to you.

2018 dues are $ 50.00 (same as 2017).

Class Website:  We had problems in September 2017 with the host of our class website.  Thanks to the tireless work of Aaron Wong-Sing, the website was rebuilt and we continue to receive positive comments from our members, from 2.4mR sailors from other countries, and from sailors in other classes within Canada. Making the job easier for Aaron has been Doug Bell, Dee Smith and Bruce Millar all who have contributed articles to the website. The website is our voice to the sailing community at large so if you have anything you wish to share please pass it to the webmaster.

Buoyancy Tests and Certificates: Regular buoyancy tests are a safety issue. At the 2017 Canada Games two boats failed their initial buoyancy tests and required addition floatation materials before they were permitted to race. It was a good thing because two boats did swamp in the one heavy air race and required assistance in being pumped out. If you do not have a buoyancy certificate for your boat or if your certificate was issued in 2013 or earlier you must be tested before you will be permitted to race in class events in 2018. Contact the class measurer (Bruce Millar) to arrange for a buoyancy test.

Jib Boom Boats: Last winter, Tony Pocklington and Bruce Millar spent time with Bjorner Erikstad (NOR) about the development of jib boom boats. Bjorner has had international success with his jib boom boat and the consensus is that competitive jib boom boats will make 2.4mR sailing accessible to more sailors without diminishing the competitiveness of the fleet. In the future I will ask Bruce to prepare an article on jib boom boats for the website.

Please remember to send your questions, reports, pictures and gripes to the class e-mail address [at][dot]

2.4mR Next Gen Talent ID Camp 2018 – CANCELLED

Unfortunately four of the five sailors who expressed interest in attending the Nepean Sailing Club’s under 25 2.4mR training camp June 13 –15 are now unavailable due to schedule conflicts. The camp is now cancelled. Although this is disappointing I will be maintaining contact with these athletes to see how the Canadian 2.4 Class Association can assist them in the future and help them prepare for Canada Games 2021. If you have identified athletes who are planning to sail the 2.4mR in the 2021 Canada Games and wish to receive specific advice about the boat and the class they can contact us through our e-mail address [at][dot]


Peter Wood
Canadian 2.4mR Class Association

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2.4mR Racing – Toronto 2018

2.4 sailors,

Finally we have some warm weather and can think about 2.4 sailing in Toronto. See attached newsletter for the local 2.4 racing schedule and make note of some of the out-of town listed regattas as well. Print a copy and hang it on your fridge and sign up for the regattas!

The out-of-town schedule is not complete, so make sure you go to  for the complete list.

May 19 – 20 Icebreaker TSCC – Toronto
June 10 NYC – Series I NYC – Toronto
June 16 – 17 Nepean One Design NSC – Nepean
July 14 – 15 National Event NYC – Toronto
July 21 NYC Series II NYC – Toronto
Aug 4 – 5 Great Lakes Regatta NYC – Toronto
Aug 10 – 12 2.4 Canadians PCYC – Pointe Claire
Sept 22 NYC Series III NYC – Toronto

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Sailing Schedule Autumn 2017 – Autumn 2018

 Sailing Schedule

Autumn 2017 – Autumn 2018

America’s Disabled/Open Regatta


December 1 – 3, 2017 St Petersburg Yacht Club
St Petersburg, FL
CHYC Midwinters

2018 CanAm Regatta #1


December 5 – 6, 2017 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
US 2.4mR Nationals

2018 CanAm Regatta #2


 December 8 – 10, 2017 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
Edge Midwinters

2018 CanAm Regatta #3


January 27 – 28, 2018 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
Charlotte Harbor Regatta February 3 – 4, 2018 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
2.4mR Western Hemisphere Championship


Training/clinic February 20, 2018

Racing February 21 – 23, 2018

Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
2018 CanAm Regatta #4


February 24 – 25, 2018 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
2.4mR Racing Clinic March 28, 2018 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
2018 CanAm Finale


Overall CanAm Series 2017 – 2018 Results

March 29 – 31, 2018 Charlotte Harbour Yacht Club
Port Charlotte FL
Spring Regatta May 5 – 6, 2018 Royal Victoria Yacht Club
Victoria BC
Icebreaker May 19 – 20, 2018 Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club
Toronto ON
NYC – Series I June 10 National Yacht Club
Toronto ON
2.4mR Next Gen Talent ID Camp CANCELLED
Nepean One Design June 16 – 17 Nepean Sailing Club, Ottawa ON
2.4mR Pacific Coast Championship June 16 – 17 Royal Victoria Yacht Club
Victoria BC
C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic & Regatta June 20 – 24 Sail Newport
Newport RI
Bob Yuile Memorial Regatta July 14 – 15 Britannia Yacht Club
Ottawa ON
National Event July 14 – 15 National Yacht Club
Toronto ON
NYC – Series II July 21 National Yacht Club
Toronto ON
Independence Cup July 26 – 29 Burnham Harbor
Chicago IL
Western Canadian Championships August 2 – 6 Wabamun Sailing Club
Wabamun AB
2.4mR World Championship 2018 August 4 – 10 Gälve, Sweden
Great Lakes Regatta August 4 – 5 National Yacht Club
Toronto ON
2.4mR Canadian Championship 2018 August 10 – 12 Pointe Claire Yacht Club
Pointe-Claire QC
Para World Sailing Championships 2018 September 16 – 22 US Sailing Center of Sheboygan
Sheboygan WI, USA
Fall Regatta September 22 – 23 Royal Victoria Yacht Club
Victoria BC
NYC – Series III September 22 National Yacht Club
Toronto ON

Notices of Race and Results are linked above, where available.

Please also consult the Calendar

Tony has charter boats for the Florida events available at US$150 per day.

CanAm Series 2017 – 2018 Overall Results

Position Sail Club Name Boat Name CHYC Mids US Nats 1 US Nats 2 EDGE Mids CamAm_4 Finale Points
1 USA 7 Stc Smith, Dee 2 for 1 1 1 1 1 [14] 1 5.0
2 CAN 39 Royal Victoria Yacht Club Millar, Bruce Life of Brian 2 2 2 [3] 1 3 10.0
3 CAN 8 National YC Leibel, Allan CAN 8 3 [4] 4 2 2 2 13.0
4 USA 3 CHYC Pocklington, Tony Edge 4 5 5 5 [7] 4 23.0
5 CAN 22 National YC Eagar, Peter CAN 22 6 6 6 4 4 [8] 26.0
6 CAN 14 Nepean Sailing Club Wood, Peter Small EXpectations 5 7 7 [23/DNC] 5 6 30.0
7 USA 142 Sail Newport Rosenfield, Charles 7 [10] 10 6 3 5 31.0
8 CAN 68 RVICYC Bell, Doug Dugout 10 12 12 7 [23/DNC] 12 53.0
9 175 Sail Newport Green, Ted Magic Bus 8 8 8 [23/DNC] 23/DNC 9 56.0
10 11 Ripley, Tim Slackometer 13 [14] 14 10 9 11 57.0
11 CAN 2 R Vic YC Anstey, Louise Lisa 9 9 9 [23/DNC] 23/DNC 10 60.0
12 USA 23 CYC Seattle Reinhold, Jeffery Gander 11 [18] 18 11 6 18 64.0
13 Can 42 NYC Foscarini, Janice Graham The Answer 15 13 13 [23/DNC] 11 13 65.0
14 160 Davis Islands YC Holmberg, Kevin [16] 16 16 9 10 16 67.0
15 can 1 PCYC Dubuc, Alain can 1 14 [15] 15 12 12 14 67.0
16 CAN 23 RVYC Gay, Jackie TP 12 [23/DNC] 23/DNC 23/DNC 8 7 73.0
17 NOR 1 Tonsberg Seilforening Erikstad, Bjornar [23/DNC] 3 3 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 75.0
18 CAN 18 Kingston Kobayashi, Audrey Hiroshi maru 17 17 17 14 [23/DNC] 17 82.0
19 USA 165 Daniel My Dixon’s Cider [23/DNC] 11 11 23/DNC 23/DNC 23/DNC 91.0
20 167 Cyccm Corcoran, Jay fake news [23/DNC] 23/DNC 23/DNC 8 23/DNC 15 92.0
21 5 San Diego Yacht Club Altizer, James 18 19 19 [23/DNC] 13 23/DNC 92.0
22 8 Warrior Sailing Pontes, Rachelle Georgiana [23/DNC] 23/DNC 23/DNC 13 23/DNC 19 101.0