Sail Sale, Delivery to Pacific Coast Championship – posted 2023-10-11

Jeff Reinhold, August 2023

I have too many 2.4mR sails (is that possible?) and I would be happy to sell them at reasonable prices for those that are interested. USD. This is what I have:

Quantum main – 2018 – Dacron. Very good condition. I only used it a couple of times. This sail does not require much back stay and it just wasn’t for me. A lot of people like them though. This has a small slit where the sail rubs against the shroud downwind and it has the extended foot that can be secured with Velcro upwind. Still very crispy!  $300

North F16 main #1 2012 SOLD –  well used but still fast. The sail slug has been removed leaving only the ring (the slug is in the way on my boom). I last used this sail in FL in 2018 and only because the nicer sails I had got damaged. I finished a few boat lengths behind Dee Smith in one of those races, so the sail is fine.  $50

North FR1 Main – 2018 – good condition. I was using this as a practice sail prior to 2022 Worlds. $200

North TB4 jib – 2012 SOLD –  the yellow sail! Was a practice sail for 2022 Worlds. A little thin but still has some life in it. $50

North F16 Main #2 -2012 SOLD – This was another 2022 Worlds practice sail and is still in good condition. $100

North HB3 jib – 2012 SOLD – Another yellow sail! This is one of my favorite sails. It has only been used for 4 races, but that was the day before a hurricane, so it looks like it has more races in it. $100

North FRH1 main – 2022 SOLD – -new and unused. I bought this before I knew I could still get F16 sails so I haven’t used it. I have two of these. I am thinking I will hold on to the other one for now but could be persuaded to part with both of them. $500

I have no idea what these “should“ be worth so pr ices are all negotiable. Make me an offer if you are interested. Please let me know before PCC and I will bring sails with me.

Used 2.4mR Sailboats Wanted

Not using your 2.4mR? The Canadian 2.4mR class has received inquiries from motivated buyers looking for good used 2.4mR sailboats.

If you have a boat to sell please send the following details to the class e-mail address: [at][dot].

Year built
ISAF Hull #
Boat Location
Asking Price
Contact information

Peter Wood
Canadian 2.4mR Class Association

Sold: 2021 Norlin Mark 3 One Design 2.4 Meter Sailboat ISAF #1027 – posted 2023-01-22

ISAF Plaque # 1027 includes both a completed Norlin OD Measurement Form (Nov 2021) and an International 2.4mR Measurement Form (Nov 2021) 

Buoyancy Certificate, Aug 5, 2022 

Builder: Charger Composites, Finland 


This boat was purchased new in 2022 but has not been sailed due to continuing health issues of the owner. It is a jib boom boat with hand steering. It comes complete with new never sailed Quantum Jib (designed for the jib boom) and North Main Sails.

The mast is Bjorndahl with a light weight boom. The boat was custom rigged by Tony Pocklington of Edge Sailing and Bruce Millar. 

The boat comes with a mobile storage cradle and has a new boom up cover made by Leitch & McBride Sailmakers. 

Boat is currently in Charlotte Harbour, Florida but will be returning to Eastern Canada in May 2023.

The boat has had Canadian GST (Goods and Service Tax) paid. 

Price $ 16,000 USD , $ 22,000 CDN Firm 

Contact Peter Wood for further details 

Email: pwood[at]magma[dot]ca


2.4 for Sale

I am selling my Norlin Mark lll  2.4.  It’s a  Charger Composite built in 2009, ISAF Plaque number 669 and sail number CAN 91. I bought it from Paul Tingley 5 years ago but  life and work got in the way so unfortunately not raced very much by me.  Currently on the hard at NYC in Toronto.




Bjorndahl  Mast

Pumps: manual and electrical with extra batteries and charger

Steering: tiller and foot pedals

Sails: 2 suits used sails- headsails and mains

1 suit brand new North  headsail and main. Bought in 2018 and used only once in a light air practice session.

All sails are Mylar/aramid laminates except for one of the old mains which is Dacron.

Paddle, tow line

$8,000 CDN

Contact Lionel Mandell:

Email: [at][dot]

Cell: 647 528 5089