Sail Sale, Delivery to Pacific Coast Championship – posted 2023-10-11

Jeff Reinhold, August 2023

I have too many 2.4mR sails (is that possible?) and I would be happy to sell them at reasonable prices for those that are interested. USD. This is what I have:

Quantum main – 2018 – Dacron. Very good condition. I only used it a couple of times. This sail does not require much back stay and it just wasn’t for me. A lot of people like them though. This has a small slit where the sail rubs against the shroud downwind and it has the extended foot that can be secured with Velcro upwind. Still very crispy!  $300

North F16 main #1 2012 SOLD –  well used but still fast. The sail slug has been removed leaving only the ring (the slug is in the way on my boom). I last used this sail in FL in 2018 and only because the nicer sails I had got damaged. I finished a few boat lengths behind Dee Smith in one of those races, so the sail is fine.  $50

North FR1 Main – 2018 – good condition. I was using this as a practice sail prior to 2022 Worlds. $200

North TB4 jib – 2012 SOLD –  the yellow sail! Was a practice sail for 2022 Worlds. A little thin but still has some life in it. $50

North F16 Main #2 -2012 SOLD – This was another 2022 Worlds practice sail and is still in good condition. $100

North HB3 jib – 2012 SOLD – Another yellow sail! This is one of my favorite sails. It has only been used for 4 races, but that was the day before a hurricane, so it looks like it has more races in it. $100

North FRH1 main – 2022 SOLD – -new and unused. I bought this before I knew I could still get F16 sails so I haven’t used it. I have two of these. I am thinking I will hold on to the other one for now but could be persuaded to part with both of them. $500

I have no idea what these “should“ be worth so pr ices are all negotiable. Make me an offer if you are interested. Please let me know before PCC and I will bring sails with me.

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