Sail Numbers

How to get a Canadian 2.4mR Sail Number

Updated 2023-11

Sail Numbers for Canadian owners of International  2.4mR Sailboats are administered by the Canadian Class Association. A boat owner has two choices. He/she can select an unallocated number between 1 and 99. Below is the current list of allocated Canadian sail numbers. He/she then contacts the class secretary ([at][dot]) for confirmation that the number is available. He/she must be a current member of the class association in order to be allocated a number. An e-mail will be sent to the applicant confirming the number requested.

If an owner has two or more boats, they can use the sail number on all boats provided they are not competing in the same races together at the same time. In such a case, additional numbers will be required.

Alternatively an owner can select as their sail number the hull number of his/her International 2.4mR sailboat as indicated on the ISAF label attached to inside of the cockpit of the 2.4mR.

Sail Number
Boat Owner - First Name
Boat Owner - Last Name
CAN 48StephaneJoubertMirabelQC
CAN 85ErikPoirierAQVAMontrealQC
CAN 9JoeGerlinskyBattlefords SCSaskatoonSK
CAN 71Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs AssnBattlefords SCSaskatoonSK
CAN 4Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs AssnBlackstrap SCSaskatoonSK
CAN 10Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs AssnBlackstrap SCSaskatoonSK
CAN 21Alberta Sailing AssnGlenmore SCCalgaryAB
CAN 18AudreyKobayshiKingston YCKingstonON
CAN 31Able Sail KingstonKingston YCKingstonON
CAN 41Able Sail KingstonKingston YCKingstonON
CAN 19SibohanMcDonaldMabou Sailing ClubMabouNS
CAN 3DarylSudermanNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 5DavidFoscariniNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 8AlanLiebelNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 13TrishDoyleNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 16CatherineBelangerNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 20AnnMitchellNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 24PaulChandlerNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 91Michael HrenNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 22PeterEagerNational Yacht ClubTorontoON
CAN 30ErikYeoNational YCTorontoON
CAN 42JaniceGraham-FoscariniNational YCTorontoON
CAN 14PeterWoodNepean SCOttawaON
CAN 56GrahamMlodozenecNepean SCOttawaON
CAN 66PeterNorwoodNepean SCOttawaON
CAN 77DebbieReinhartNepean SCOttawaON
CAN 88JohanKoppernaesNepean SCOttawaON
CAN 1AlainDubucPointe Claire YCPointe ClaireQC
CAN 40AQVAPointe Claire YCPointe ClaireQC
CAN 84PaulaStonePointe Claire YCMontrealQC
CAN 11PaulOlsenQueen City YCTorontoON
CAN 17JohnFinchRoyal Hamilton YCTorontoON
CAN 26ManfredKantorRoyal Hamilton YCPort StanleyON
CAN 54CamPerryRoyal Hamilton YCHamiltonON
CAN 96JerryWendtRoyal Hamilton YCWaterdownON
CAN 99Matt DebickiRoyal Nova Scotia YSHalifaxNS
CAN 39BruceMillarRoyal Vancouver YCVictoriaBC
CAN 2LouiseAnsleyRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 6BobBrittenRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 7StacieLoutitRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 15Kuo HsingKuoRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN23JackieGay (McRoberts)Royal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 25MarkBrownRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 33DougLeeRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 50GlennWrightRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 52DennisWoodwordRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 53ChrisAnsteyRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 55BillMarshallRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 59JulianWalkerRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 63JoelBissonRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 68DougBellRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 75BruceMillarRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 81RodMackRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 93BrianRobinsonRoyal Victoria YC VictoriaBC
CAN 95DelaniHume LawrenceRoyal Victoria YCVictoriaBC
CAN 29New Brunswick Sailing AssociationShediac SCShediacNB
CAN 37Manitoba Sailing AssociationWinnipeg Sailing CentreWinnipegMB
CAN 38Manitoba Sailing AssociationWinnipeg Sailing CentreWinnipegBC