Construction of a Cold Molded 2.4mR is Underway

You may be interested in following the construction of a new cold molded 2.4 in your town. Could this be a Canadian first?

A little background: when David was encouraging many to become a 2.4’er I did some Internet searching and found that Hesse Malmonsen’s website which includes plans for cold molded and, yes, stitch and glue 2.4 designs going by the name of Stradivari. Cutting to the chase, I have a neighbour who is a wood boat craftsman and he has agreed to build a cold molded Stradivari Mk IV. His business is called Nomad Boat Building and he has decided to run a Youtube video series on the adventure that has got underway. Here is the link to the first two Youtube videos:

(at this time there is only Mark’s 1/4 scale half hull, but as the project progresses I can likely arrange a project visit during the construction, and of course after we are allowed to return to social gathering)

You are welcome to share this with friends you may know, even other 2.4mRers beyond Cadboro Bay!


The Clagett announces 2018 Clagett Boat Grant recipients

NEWPORT, R.I. (November 8, 2018) – The C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta is pleased to announce that there will be four recipients for the 2018 Clagett Boat Grant Program.

“We are thrilled that through the fundraising efforts for the Clagett Boat Grant Program we are able to award 2.4mR boats to sailors in the US and in Canada.  The US boat is going to the Challenged Sailors program in San Diego, California and the boats going to Canada will be going to sailors in Ontario and Alberta.  These boats will bring the total of boats that have been granted through the Clagett Boat Grant Program to six over the three years it has been operating.  It is important that adaptive sailors are supported in their important endeavors and through this program we at The Clagett are able to provide opportunities to sailors to pursue their individual goals in sailing,” commented Clagett President and Co-Founder Judy Clagett McLennan.

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Damien Seguin Paralympic Gold Medallist 2.4mR sailor competing in Route du Rhum singlehanded race from St Malo to Guadeloupe.

The Canadian 2.4mR Class Association wishes Damien the best of luck in the Route du Rhum. Many of us have raced against Damien at the World Cup in Miami and at Para Sailing World Championships in Halifax and Sheboygan WI.

For his third consecutive participation in the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe (the first two in Class40), thanks to the support of his partner Groupe APICIL, Damien Seguin will be setting sail on an IMOCA, a 2008 Finot-Conq design, helmed by Eric Bellion in the last Vendée Globe. As the double Paralympic champion is not the sort to be rash, he’s enlisted the support of Jean Le Cam from nearby Port-la-Forêt to help him learn the ropes on his new machine, which was re-launched early in April to ensure he had enough time to tame her.

His objectives between Brittany and Guadeloupe, the island where he grew up and developed a passion for the Route du Rhum? “Already, to have justified my place on the start line alongside the other skippers. Next, I want to be at the finish. On top of that, I’m competitive so I’ll inevitably compare my performance with the same generation boats as mine.” The other objective that is dear to Damien Seguin, who was born with no right hand, is to fly the flag for the Des Pieds et des Mains association, which he founded in 2006: “My message is simple: to change the way people view difference by showing them that being the skipper of a fantastic machine like an IMOCA is compatible with having a handicap,” explains the skipper, who has clearly already proven himself on other craft.