Sail Sale, Delivery to Pacific Coast Championship – posted 2023-10-11

Jeff Reinhold, August 2023

I have too many 2.4mR sails (is that possible?) and I would be happy to sell them at reasonable prices for those that are interested. USD. This is what I have:

Quantum main – 2018 – Dacron. Very good condition. I only used it a couple of times. This sail does not require much back stay and it just wasn’t for me. A lot of people like them though. This has a small slit where the sail rubs against the shroud downwind and it has the extended foot that can be secured with Velcro upwind. Still very crispy!  $300

North F16 main #1 2012 SOLD –  well used but still fast. The sail slug has been removed leaving only the ring (the slug is in the way on my boom). I last used this sail in FL in 2018 and only because the nicer sails I had got damaged. I finished a few boat lengths behind Dee Smith in one of those races, so the sail is fine.  $50

North FR1 Main – 2018 – good condition. I was using this as a practice sail prior to 2022 Worlds. $200

North TB4 jib – 2012 SOLD –  the yellow sail! Was a practice sail for 2022 Worlds. A little thin but still has some life in it. $50

North F16 Main #2 -2012 SOLD – This was another 2022 Worlds practice sail and is still in good condition. $100

North HB3 jib – 2012 SOLD – Another yellow sail! This is one of my favorite sails. It has only been used for 4 races, but that was the day before a hurricane, so it looks like it has more races in it. $100

North FRH1 main – 2022 SOLD – -new and unused. I bought this before I knew I could still get F16 sails so I haven’t used it. I have two of these. I am thinking I will hold on to the other one for now but could be persuaded to part with both of them. $500

I have no idea what these “should“ be worth so pr ices are all negotiable. Make me an offer if you are interested. Please let me know before PCC and I will bring sails with me.

Toronto invites you to the 2.4mR Great Lakes Regatta, August 19-20, and the 2.4mR Canadian Championship September 22-24

Hi 2.4mR sailors,

The 2023 2.4mR Canadian Championship NOR is posted on Yacht Scoring and we are open for registration at the following link:

Also, remember that NYC is hosting the 2.4mR Great Lakes Regatta on August 19-20.  The link for registration is at:

Looking forward to seeing you all on the water. Please contact me directly with any questions or enquiries.

Darrell Suderman

416 587 5429

2023 Events, Registration and Results

2023 2.4mR events are listed on the Google Calendar named: Canadian 2.4mR Class Association.  You can view the calendar on the top menu of this site, or add it to your own Google or Microsoft Calendar.

Date Event Location Club Contact
April 28 – 30 Spring Invitational Oxford MD Tred Avon YC Andrew Parish  
May 24 -25 Icebreaker Regatta Toronto ON Etobicoke [at][dot]">Darrell Suderman 
June 2 -4  Boat Tuning and Fleet Championship Results Victoria BC Royal Victoria YC

[dot][at][dot]">Louise Anstey

June 1 Summer Kickoff Toronto ON National YC [at][dot]">Darrell Suderman 
June 17 – 18 Nepean One Design – no 2.4 fleet Ottawa ON Nepean Sailing Club [at][dot]">Peter Wood  
June 20 -25 C Thomas Clagett Regatta and Clinic Newport RI Sail Newport  Clagett Sailing
July 7- 9 2.4mR Training Camp Victoria BC Royal Victoria YC

[dot][at][dot]">Louise Anstey

July 8 – 9 2.4mR Regatta Rockport MA Sandy Bay YC Rockport MA Sandy Bay YC  
July 15 – 16 The National Toronto ON Toronto ON National YC [at][dot]">Darrell Suderman 
July 27-30 Independence Cup Clinic & Races Chicago, Illinois Chicago at Burnham Harbor
July 31 – Aug 5 2.4mR World Championship Tampere, Finland    
Aug 11 – 13 2.4mR Training Camp Victoria BC Royal Victoria YC

[dot][at][dot]">Louise Anstey

Aug 19 -20 2023 Great Lakes 2.4mR Regatta Toronto ON National YC [at][dot]">Darrell Suderman 
Sept 8-10 2023 Pacific Coast 2.4mR Championship Victoria BC Royal Victoria YC

[dot][at][dot]">Louise Anstey

Sept 22-24 2023 Canadian 2.4mR Championship Toronto ON National YC [at][dot]">Darrell Suderman 
Nov 3-5 TAYC Frostbite Regatta Oxford MD Tred Avon YC Andrew Parish
Dec 28

David Bleakney Ice Bowl

Results here.

Victoria BC Royal Victoria YC

[dot][at][dot]">Louise Anstey



Jan 22-23  2.4mR CanAm Regatta #1 Port Charlotte FL Charlotte Harbour YC

[at][dot]">Martin Holland

Jan 25-27  2.4mR CanAm Regatta #2 Port Charlotte FL Charlotte Harbour YC

[at][dot]">Martin Holland

Feb 17-18 2.4mR CanAm Regatta #3 / Edge Sailing Midwinters Port Charlotte FL Charlotte Harbour YC

[at][dot]">Martin Holland

Mar 25-26 2.4mR CanAm Regatta #4 Port Charlotte FL Charlotte Harbour YC

[at][dot]">Martin Holland

Jan 28-30 2.4mR CanAm Regatta #5 Port Charlotte FL Charlotte Harbour YC

[at][dot]">Martin Holland

Aug 5-11 2.4mR World Championships Kiel SH Germany Kieler Yacht Club




Victoria 2.4mR Fleet Summer Update

The Victoria BC 2023 2.4mR Fleet Championship, held June 2-4,  results are posted here.

Read Stacie Louttit’s report on the Victoria 2.4mR Fleet – July 7-9 Training Camp – and watch the duck video – here.

The next BC training camp is August 11 – 13.  

The Pacific Coast Championship regatta info is posted here.


Victoria 2.4mR Fleet – July 7-9 Training Camp

Stacie Louttit

We welcomed 12 fleet members to our fun filled July training camp.  Coach Steve McBride led us in a progression of his world class program, targeting training drills and practice races over the three days.  From our high-performance veterans to our newer fleet members, we all benefited from this on the water and in classroom instruction.   So much to learn, this sailboat racing.  

We were also blessed with wind all three days but nothing of the ‘blow the dog off the chain’ caliber. 

The RVYC Food and Beverage team did not disappoint for a delicious patio dinner Friday evening with our better halves.  Can there be a more scenic locale to enjoy a cold one and a meal?

And what Steve McBride camp would be complete without a flock of rubber duckies to rescue.   Below is a link to the Duckie drill, captured by our very own Rod DJ Daddy Mack:

Van Isl 2 4 mR team training weekend with Steve McBride RVYC victoria – YouTube

Our next camp is August 11 – 13.  

Stéphane Joubert Refurbishes an Older 2.4mR

Peter Wood, July 2023

Last summer I decided to put a 1997 Riverside Marine-built 2.4mR on the market. I purchased it a number of years ago as a second boat for sailors in our club who expressed an interest in the class but were not ready to make the commitment to buy their own. I used the boat during COVID when my boat and trailer were stuck in Florida. The boat has ISAF sticker # 48. It is an early Norlin Mark 3.

The purchaser was Stéphane Joubert, a skilled craftsman who had rebuilt a few sail boats in the past. Stéphane had contacted the class through our website and drove down from Mirabel QC to check out the boat and go for a sail at Nepean Sailing Club. It was love at first sight and he purchased the boat and towed it home immediately.

This summer Stéphane brought his boat back to Nepean Sailing Club for a “give it a try” Saturday. I was impressed with the repairs and upgrades that he did himself over the past twelve months. Stéphane provided me with some pictures of the significant things that he did. Stéphane is a recreational sailor and not a racer and usually sails independently, so some of his adaptations are not suitable for competitive sailors.

Cockpit before & after
ISAF #48 Cockpit before & after

The first picture shows the original with both tiller steering and foot pedals, a manual pump on the steering post and a very disorganized dashboard. The tiller steering has been removed, the manual pump has been replaced with a pump in the floor board and the dash board has been replaced with a clear acrylic dashboard. The cleats have been mounted in a more organized layout. Stéphane made a  new splash board and a collar for the mast opening. Small Harken turning blocks and cleats for the pole hoist and main sail cunningham  are mounted on the deck. The cockpit was sprayed with epoxy paint and the seat was rebuilt. The hull was buffed and polished.

2.4 Deck
ISAF #48 Deck fitting

The original Riverside Marine 2.4mR had two small through deck bushings for adjustable forestay and jib Cunningham. The ropes chaffed through the fittings and the bushings allowed water into the bow compartment. Newer boats replaced this with a small stainless steel channel. Stéphane made his own fitting from an aluminum channel and added a small strap to protect the bow from dock collisions. He re-sealed the inspection port to give access to the bow area.

2.4 battery box
ISAF #48 Battery case

The battery for the original electric bilge pump was located on a tray behind the seat instead of in the bilge (as the newer boats are configured). Stéphane replaced the tray with a watertight container that he mounted behind the seat. All the plugs are water resistant.

Stéphane has also installed netting between the dashboard and the front bulk head to store personal items he takes with him while sailing.

I have discussed with Stéphane some additional things to optimize his boat. He has 165 Kilos of ballast in his lead keel weights. The next step will be to weigh the boat in accordance to class rules to see if he can add additional ballast to get the all up boat weight closer to 254 Kilograms and the keel ballast weight closer to 181 kilograms. 

Finally we are encouraging Stéphane to try racing with our fleet. He now has a great looking boat which is worth a lot more than his initial outlay.

Peter Wood