Report from the President, July 2018

C. Thomas Clagett Junior Memorial  Regatta 2018

The 16th Annual Clagett Regatta at Newport RI was a fantastic success for a number of reasons. 23 boats participated in the 2.4mR Class, a record number for this event. Entries were from Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States. Entries included four sailors under the age of 25 (three from Canada) all young women. Delani Hume-Lawrence from Victoria placed 8th and won the coach’s award for most improved sailor while Shaylagh Ley from Ottawa placed 22nd and won the Sportsmanship Award. Both of these sailors are sailing Clagett Program Boats donated for their use for up to four years.

The Clagett Regatta foundation will be seeking applications for two additional program boats in the early fall 2018

Pacific Coast 2.4mR Championships

The inaugural Pacific Coast 2.4mR Championships were held June 16 & 17 at Royal Victoria Yacht Club with 11 boats in attendance. The boats attending were from Seattle and Calgary as well as from our Victoria fleet. The class anticipates that this will become an annual fixture on our regatta calendar and hopefully will attract more boats from western North American.

2018 Canadian 2.4mR Championships

Pointe Claire Yacht Club will be hosting the Canadian 2.4mR  Championships August 10 -12th. The Notice of Race and entry forms can be accessed by clicking on the event title in the events schedule of the 2.4mR website. Racing starts at 1:30pm on Friday August 10 allowing competitors to work a full day Thursday and get to the regatta site with time to rig on Friday morning.

2018 Class Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the 2.4mR Class will take place at Pointe Claire Yacht Club  Friday August 10th after sailing. If any member has business they wish to discuss at the Annual meeting would they please advise either Audrey Kobayshi, Secretary-Treasurer or Peter Wood, President. Please send your agenda items to [at][dot]

2018 Membership  Dues

2018 dues are $ 50.00 (same as 2017) and are now overdue. Payment to be made through

Canada’s Retaliatory Tariffs

The trade war between the Trump Administration in the United States and the Government of Canada is unfortunately impacting members importing 2.4mR sailboats from the United States. Sailboats with or without auxiliary power (tariff item 8903.91.10) will be subject to a tariff of 10%. This is in addition to the HST (or GST) which applies to all goods. Unfortunately consumers are the unspoken victims in these trade wars.

Buoyancy Tests and Certificates: Regular buoyancy tests are a safety issue. At the 2017 Canada Games two boats failed their initial buoyancy tests and required addition floatation materials before they were permitted to race. It was a good thing because two boats did swamp in the one heavy air race and required assistance in being pumped out. If you do not have a buoyancy certificate for your boat or if your certificate was issued in 2013 or earlier you must be tested before you will be permitted to race in class events in 2018. Contact the class measurer (Bruce Millar) to arrange for a buoyancy test.

Please remember to send your questions, reports, pictures and gripes to the class e-mail address [at][dot]

Pacific Coast Championship – June 16-17, 2018

The Victoria fleet hosted the class Pacific Coast Championship on June 16-17.  The event attracted two competitors from out of town: Wendy Frazier, Calgary, and Jeff Reinhold, Seattle, to make an eleven boat fleet.  Unfortunately, our Saskatchewan friends were unable to attend.

We delayed our practice session on Friday afternoon by an hour awaiting the flood tide to return enough water under the jetty to launch the visiting 2.4s.  Friday morning was a ten-year record low tide!

On Saturday morning the SE wind was very weak and turbulent for the initial race, switching to the N by the last leg.  Boats could make big gains on one leg and experience a significant lose on the next leg.  It mixed the fleet quite successfully.  Ones view of the race depended on one’s final finish position.  After a short postponement, the wind settled into a 4-8 kt southerly at the mouth of Cadboro Bay with enough shifts and pressure changes to reward those with their eyes on the water.  By Race 4 the flood current set in gently at the weather mark and it had enough strength that it caught some by surprise.  Trying to shoot around the mark was risky; the result was two competitors demonstrated their skills at 360-turns.  We completed five races by 3.30.  After putting away the boats, we retired to the patio for refreshments and contemplated the close results – ties between four pairs of competitors.

Sunday dawned sunny and clear.  The Caddy Bay summer northerly showed its first zephyrs by 9 am and built to 4-6 kt by race time.  The RC set up a short course, maybe 300 m long, from the RVYC breakwater to the beach.  Early in the day, the pressure and lifts favoured the right side of the course.  In the latter races, lifts on the left side of the course were dominant.  However, all day competitors needed to watch their compass for shifts, watch the water for puffs and be prepared to revise their plan to be successful.

Thank you to the race committee: John Edwards (PRO), Ron Jewula (ARO), the crew from Kairos and many others.  Besides running nine races, they found time to serve bbq’d hotdogs between races on Saturday and fresh baked brownies on Sunday.  What a team!!

Check out the Hotdog Drive Thru in Rod Mack’s video .  See the deluxe ‘dog’ he collects when he eventually gets in the queue.

Award winners: 1st Bruce Millar, 2nd Louise Anstey, 3rd Doug Bell.  See full results here.

Award winners from left: Doug Bell (3rd), Bruce Millar (1st), Louise Anstey (2nd), AJ Hesford, RVYC Racing Fleet Capt.
Event pictures are in two albums:
Photo credits:  On the water photos: Fred Poustie
                            Awards photos: Wendy Frazier