Clagett Boat Grant Program: 2.4mRs

Hi everyone,
I am writing to ask that you all please encourage 2.4mR sailors to apply to The Clagett Regatta’s boat grant program. The grant is open to both individuals and adaptive organizations. 
The application, requirements and more information about the program can be found here:
The Clagett has a board meeting coming up, and if we do not start to generate interest among the 2.4mR sailing community for this boat grant application we may need to discuss options for a different boat to grant.
Thank you.
Sara Darcy Klik
Operations Manager

2.4 mR Great Lakes Regatta – Aug 17-18

Avoid late fees and sign up now for the 2.4mR Great Lakes Regatta.  
Check out who else is signed up on the link below.
Note: The GLR is the 3rd regatta of the CanAm North Series. 
You can also sign up for the 2.4mR Canadian Championship and the CanAm North Finale on Sept 7-8th at the link below.

Rockin In the Two Point Four

Lyrics by Audrey Kobayashi

Rockin, rockin, rockin in the 2 point four
The wind is fine on Lake Ontario
And we’re rockin in the two point four

(Chorus) Talk-in’ ’bout, Hey now! Hey now! Rockin in the two point four
Jock-a-mo fee-no ai na-né, ROCKIN IN THE TWO POINT FOUR

Look at Dee he’s the king of the waves
Rockin in the two point four
But Alan’s so cool and can take the day
Rockin in the two point four

Now Tony’s fast and he puts on the gas
Rockin in the two point four
But If Darrell’s around he might give it a pass
Rockin in the two point four

Peter’s there and he’s off from the start
Rocking in the two point four
But Janice is smart and sails straight from the heart
Rockin in the two point four

Tim comes on like a real rock star
Rockin in the two point four
But Charlie’s fierce and won’ let him get far
Rockin in the two point four

Christine is keen to reach the top of the fleet
Rockin in the two point four
But Aaron is sly when he pulls in the sheets
Rockin in the two point four

Now Wendy might be chasing the pack
Rockin in the two point four
But Brian and Matt better watch their backs
Rockin in the two point four

Jan is new and Mike is too
Rockin in the two point four
A force to reckon with – just give em a few
Rockin in the two point four

See that Audrey all dressed in black
Rockin in the two point four
She’ll be okay if you let her tack
Rockin in the two point four

We’re all thinking bout those that we miss
Rockin in the two point
Alain Ted Peter Kevin Julio and Trish
Rockin in the two point four

Rockin, rockin, rockin in the 2 point four
The wind is fine on Lake Ontario
And we’re rockin in the two point four

Update on Water Levels at KYC Kingston – 2.4mR North American Championship 2019

Water levels at KYC reached a historic high level, but they are gradually going down and preparations for the 2.4 North Americans are going fine. The water is high, and the outside patio and many docks are completely under water, but the club has built raised walkways to make all the floating docks accessible. We have an excellent area (level access) for those using wheelchairs, and access to the hoist using temporary ramps. For ABs, we are clearing as much floating dock space as possible for those who wish to overnight their boats. Others can dry sail using the crane. The crane area is underwater, but we have installed a temporary floating dock, and we will have RIBs floating in the harbor so that sailors can raft up to complete their daily rigging. We have lots of accessible parking. And of course great food and entertainment!

Don’t forget to register before the late fee kicks in on July 1st.

Audrey Kobayashi

2.4mR 2019 North American Championship

Spearhead Brewing Company

Regatta #1 in the 
2019 Can-Am North Series
Sponsored by Mercedes Benz Kingston
and Spearhead Brewery

Date: 5-7 July 2019
Location: Kingston Yacht Club

Welcome to beautiful Kingston Yacht Club located in the heart of Kingston, Ontario, one of North America’s oldest & best sailing venues.

First rate entertainment with the renowned Spencer Evans trio at the Friday night regatta dinner.

July is peak tourist season. Book your accommodation soon.

Notice of Race


Accommodation @ Queen’s University, 5-10 min walk

Enjoy Kingston

Pacific Coast Championship, June 14-16, 2019

Hosted by Royal Victoria Yacht Club

The second annual Pacific Coast Championship was held in Cadboro Bay, Victoria, BC.  Competitors included Jeff Reinhold, Seattle, John Edwards (guest skipper RVYC), combined with local 2.4mR sailors; unfortunately, our prairie colleagues could not attend this year.  On Friday, half the fleet headed out to the mouth of Cadboro Bay for an afternoon practice session.  In a 4-8 kt S wind, we did speed tuning and practiced our starts followed by mini-races.  While we sailed downwind towards the dock, a lone orca surfaced about six times right beside our group of five boats, blowing on each slow roll.  The cetacean was matching our speed, possibly trying to identify these ‘strange creatures’ with two white downward-facing fins.  After Rod Mack exclaimed his amazement at the sight, the orca turned towards us, surfaced and blew one more time, took a closer look at us, then dived under our 2.4s and cruised out of the Bay.  What a wildlife encounter!

Oh, yes. The racing.

Saturday morning a 5 kt SE wind was blowing straight into the Bay.  Early in the day, the left side of the course paid upwind, so a start with clear air near the port end of the line paid off.  Bruce Millar and Louise Anstey played the conditions well, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in Races 1 and 2.  By midday, the pressure on the right improved followed by a small starboard lift when approaching the weather mark.  Louise Anstey (who returned after an OCS) and Doug Lee saw the opportunity and turned it into a winner, finishing 1 and 2 in Race 3.  In the next couple of races, the traffic forced Bruce into the lighter air on the left, and, on another occasion, he caught seaweed that was so prevalent due to the extreme tides in mid-June.  The right generally paid upwind in Races 5 and 6, however, the occasional shift or puff in the centre of the course created opportunities.  Downwind legs were equally interesting.  After Bruce and Brian Robinson capitalized on pressure and a bit of favourable current on the east side of the course, the fleet spread across the course on subsequent downwinds.  By end of day Louise was leading, followed by Bruce and Doug Bell.

On Sunday morning the wind was SE again, however very soft with the occasional patchy spot.  Trying to make the most of the wind, the RC backed the course deep into the bay.  The start line was within a stone’s throw of the beach.  In Race 7, with the lightest wind of the series, Stacey Louttit led wire to wire, Bruce 2nd; Louise struggled with a 6th.  In Race 8 and 9, Bruce and Louise shared the 1sts.  Brian enjoyed the light patchy conditions posting two 2nd place finishes; this moved him up from 5th position after Saturday.

Final results: 1st Louise Anstey, 2nd Bruce Millar, 3rd Brian Robinson winning a tie breaker with Doug.  See full results here.  The competitors wish to thank Ron Jewula and his race committee/safety boat crew and Mike Turner and his fellow jurors for giving up their weekends to make this regatta a success.

To all those 2.4 sailors ‘from away’, do keep the PCCs in mind when you plan your 2020 summer racing season.  The Pacific Coast is a beautiful place to sail: clear water, snow-capped mountains as the backdrop for the race course, and maybe, just maybe, a unique wildlife experiencing included with the regatta.