2.4mR International Class Association Executive Update May 20, 2021

Dear all 2.4mR NCA member, dear sailors, 2.4mR class fans 

Enclosed you will find Information from Executive Committee after some time with a request to inform you members in your country. Feel free to inform also supporters and other sailors and yacht-clubs interested in the 2.4mR class.
Be sure that the attached information is a result of long heavy discussions and hours on the phone calls, many exchanged e-mails, searching etc. 
It’s a collective work of the EC. 
Hoping in better times we can discuss the serious topics direct face to face in a pleasant environment and try to be happy we can sail again and looking forward for a healthy grow of the 2.4mR class not only in Europe. 
Best regards 
Behalf of 2.4mR ICA  EC 
Alexander Sadilek 
Vice- President 2.4mR ICA

Update from German 2.4mR National Class Association

Dear friends,

As many of you already know, the German NCA has a new board, which I would like to introduce to you. Until now, no NCA has ever presented its board – so why do we and why now? 

The answer lies in the new direction of the German Class Association to develop the class not only together with our own members, but together with all NCAs and the ICA the 2.4mR class. 

An open communication culture is an essential factor for the success of our class. We cordially invite you to walk the path together.

Our new board consists of five board members plus a technical delegate and an international affairs delegate.

The new 1st chairman is Oliver (“Olli”) Thies. Olli has sailed in various boat classes and an Olympic campaign in the Tornado. He joined the class last year and is now a 2.4mR sailor with heart and soul.

The new class secretary is Bernd-Leopold (“Poldi”) Käther. He has been in the class since 2017 and brings his club and association experience to the table. Prior to the 2.4mR, he sailed Dragons, Solings and H-Boats and served as race officer at national and international regattas. In addition, he has contributed his experience to the development of the new website.

The 2nd chairperson is Karin Hoffman, who was already a member of the previous board. She is responsible for the integration of women. 

Lutz-Christian Schröder has been active in the area of youth education and the implementation of training measures for years in his board activities. He is also the board member of an inclusive sailing club, where he has been very successful in enabling people with disabilities to take up sailing.

Stephan Giesen is known to many sailors through his excellent work as a race officer.He is also the chairman of the German Sailing Federation’s race committee board.

Tom Jatsch is the technical delegate and measurer of the class and has taken over his post from Jörg Feder. He is also a member of the TC in the ICA.

As a delegate, I am responsible for international affairs and contribute my contacts to you, to World Sailing and Para World Sailing.

The German NCA sees the further development of the class as an absolute priority.  On this path, we feel obliged to inform our members comprehensively and to involve them in strategic decisions.  

Furthermore, we would like to promote the improvement of communication between the NCAs. This also applies to the flow of information between the NCAs and the ICA. 

Each NCA has had its own experiences (positive and negative) and ideas over the years and we feel it is useful to share them with each other. 

The new website of the German NCA has been set up multilingually to provide all information conveniently worldwide. 

We would also like to present reports about international events or other interesting news from you on our website.

This way we want to show how international, active and ultimately attractive our class is. 

The same applies to our social media activities, with which we would like to draw attention to ourselves worldwide, even outside our class.  

We look forward to your messages and postings here as well. 

Even if sailing is not yet allowed in many places, we hope for your support and that we will soon all meet again on the water.

Best regards
Heiko Kröger