2.4mR Canadian Championship 2021

In less than four weeks time we will have crowned the 2.4mR 2021 Canadian Champion and enjoyed three days of full-on racing with our fellow sailors from across the country and (hopefully) continent. So far 18 sailors are registered and we expect more to come so it will be a busy start line, event and race course. The Victoria fleet have just had a training weekend with 12 boats and it was such fun to experience the tight racing, criss-crossing, ups and downs and even some proper surfing on Sunday when we felt some unfamiliar (for Victoria) wave surges under our boats. The club is open for dining and we are planning social events as well as taking advantage of the lovely patio with views of the bay. Wildlife fans will be interested to know that we had orcas in Oak Bay (one of the sailing areas) just last week and yesterday when we were racing in a blow I nearly hit a seal who appeared (weirdly) to be sleeping, nose up in the air. The mountains poked out from beneath the cloud bank on the USA shore, I was soaking wet, bits pinging off the boat, ropes getting in a proper kelp bundle and happy as a clam! Can’t wait to see you all very soon. For those interested in checking out our fleet and the location, our Go-Pro-Pro Rod Mack has a youtube page with lots of footage, link here:
For more information, please visit te regatta website: https://2pt4canadians.com/

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